Apple unleashes all new opportunities for iOS Apps marketing at the latest WWDC 2017 event. You can share your iOS app development story, create campaign for in-app features and much more.
As of January 2017, the store had 2.2 million iOS apps available for download. – Statista
With renewing its hardware/OS and launching some new ones on 5th June at San Francisco WWDC 17, Apple hasn’t forgotten these 2.2 million iOS apps. With the release of iOS 11, the App Store has been redesigned from the ground up to provide a beautiful place to showcase amazing apps and to help customers discover new favorites.
There’s more to the story. What’s that? Let’s find out.

Games and iOS Apps

Games are the top selling elements of the App store. There are over half a million games available in the app store. And luckily, these games are getting their own home. App store designed a dedicated home just for games.

  • It will provide the users with recommendations and new releases.
  • It will also provide updates, compelling videos and top charts.
  • The games will be categorized under 24 different categories.
  • The game developers would be able to leverage these categories to get featured.
  • This will make the navigation easier for the users.

Not just the games but apps will have their own home too.

  • Apps will also have its own tab from social media to photography apps and more.
  • Apps will be divided into 24 categories like games to make the navigation easier.
  • App store promises to provide updates, recommendations and videos for the apps too just like for games.

What’s Today?

Today – is where you can find the editorial stories from around the world. Apple has made it possible for the developers to share their iOS app development stories with them. After going through the editing, if the team finds your story appealing, congratulations, your iOS app will get featured. If not story, a developer quote can also be featured on Today.
Along with the stories there will be key mentions as ‘game of the day’ and ‘app of the day’. This can be your chance to market your iOS app aptly and reach a wider audience. Moreover, Today will feature exclusive premieres, new releases and a fresh look at all-time favorites, as well as recommended tips and how-to guides to help customers use apps in innovative ways.
So if you have a great story behind your iOS app development, share it with the Apple team.

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